Experimentation Works is back — with a twist!

Experimentation Works Launch Event: Building an Experimental Government

Experimentation in the public service is tightly linked to innovation and problem solving. By running experiments, we can rigorously test a suite of options to find the best solution. Across the Government of Canada (GoC), departments and teams have embraced the call to experiment, but sometimes, individual projects can benefit from some additional expertise. That’s where we come in…

This event is for relaunching the TBS-led initiative, Experimentation Works (EW), an expert advisory program. EW started in 2018 as a cohort-based learning program, where teams across the GoC worked through the stages of running an experiment, together. After leading two successful project cohorts, we’re now taking things in a new direction. We’ve remodeled EW as an on-demand service where project teams can get expert advice at any stage of the experimentation process. So, teams can apply today, tomorrow, or whenever they need that extra boost of support.

As we relaunch this new service, we will be joined by Kaili Levesque (Assistant Secretary, Privy Council Office) and Sasha Tregebov (Director, Behavioural Insights Team Canada) for a panel discussion on the future of experimentation in the federal public service. We hope you will join us too!



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Experimentation Works

Experimentation Works

Showcasing experimentation across the Government of Canada: https://linktr.ee/GCExperimentation | Follow our journey en français: https://exp-oeuvre.medium.com/